WS6: 1/2 Day: Online Condition Monitoring Workshop – Addressing the Challenges of Complex Applications – AUS

Johan Arvidsson, Key Account Manager, SPM Instrument David Leff-Hallstein, Global Area Sales Manager, SPM Instrument


This workshop is a practical, hands-on demonstration of using the high-end Intellinova online system to monitor complex applications. We will discuss various measuring techniques and optimizing settings for bearing and gear fault detection, covering a vast RPM range – from ultra-low to high-speed applications. Using multiple advanced, built-in software tools, we will analyse measurement data and discuss results. Finally, we will look at seamlessly integrating measurement results into IoT devices, platforms, applications, or services through a Rest API interface.

This workshop is an excellent opportunity to learn and share experiences in practical online condition monitoring and learn more about HD condition monitoring technology!

Bio - Johan Arvidsson

Johan has been with SPM Instrument since 2002. He started with the company as a market communicator, working with technical documentation, presentations, advertising and market communications. In 2007 he transferred to the sales department and to his new position as sales engineer, focusing on the Swedish market. He has been involved in projects in all kinds of industries, but the largest client group is the Swedish pulp and paper industry. With a strong focus on the market, Johan has helped drive SPM Instrument AB and sales in the Swedish division to record numbers. Today Johan is a key account manager focusing on developing key areas, knowledge and managing key client groups. Johan is certified in vibration analysis according to ISO CAT III.

Bio - David Leff-Hallstein

David is a market expert with 12 years of technical B2B Sales and Management experience from China and the Asia Pacific with 8 years of full P&L responsibility. He is a sales-focused, solutions-oriented, and entrepreneurial professional with extensive experience in B2B Sales in Construction, HVAC, and Property management(Incl Smart buildings, BMS, and IoT). He is passionate about customers and building new businesses and partnerships. David is also a competitive tennis player (UTR Ranking 8.2)