Who Should Attend

  • Condition Monitoring Professionals
  • Reliability Leaders
  • Maintenance Managers
  • Reliability Engineers
  • Plant Engineers
  • Plant Managers

Why Attend

  • Find new voices and experts in maintenance and reliability
  • Build relationships with peers who face the same challenges
  • Event focused on condition monitoring technologies
  • Networking opportunities

What You Get

  • Access to presentation content before the event
  • Entry to Exhibition Hall
  • Participate in networking reception
  • Access to all sessions
  • Meals and snack breaks

WELCOME TO THE CBM + RELIABILITY CONNECT® South Africa 2024 One Day Training Event

Powered by Mobius Institute, the CBM + RELIABILITY CONNECT® One Day Training Event, is designed specifically for condition monitoring professionals, maintenance managers and reliability engineers. From interactive learning sessions, and real-life case studies, to the latest technologies featured in the expo, this Live Training event provides practical learning in the important aspects of industrial condition monitoring technologies.

If you are involved in the vibration analysis, condition monitoring, reliability and predictive maintenance industry, and you work in South Africa or closeby, this is the perfect One Day Training event for you. Find out more about the event from the information above or go straight to our registration page to sign up for a pass for our next event today.


How to convince your boss to let you attend

Now that you have convinced yourself that you need to attend, the next step is to convince your boss. For some, this may be easier said than done. Some bosses will instantly see the value that a training event like ours can bring. Others will need a bit of convincing. If your boss wants to understand the value that they can expect in return for your investment into our training, here is what you can tell them.

Nowhere else can you meet industry leaders

The opportunities to meet real industry thought leaders and experts are few and far between when it comes to vibration analysis and condition monitoring. But it could not be easier here. That is because we go to great efforts to book some of the biggest names from our industry to lead discussions and give keynote addresses. But it gets better. You will not just have the chance to hear these people speak, you will have the chance to ask them questions as you mingle with them over lunch, dinner and during other events.

You can build and grow your network

Cultivating a world class network is often overlooked in this industry. But it can be a great benefit to you and your business. If you want to meet like-minded industry professionals from across Africa, then there is only one place to do it — right here. We bring industry professionals together so you can trade ideas and build connections that can help you overcome the challenges facing your business.

The conference empowers you to stay ahead of the curve

Our industry is competitive. If you are not up to date on the latest trends and technologies, you could get left behind. That is why it is so important to remain knowledgeable. But doing so is hard in an industry like ours. For many, the only way is to attend an event like this, where all the leading experts are brought together in one place. A lot of the focus of our training event is on educating attendees about the latest industry trends and about introducing new and cutting-edge ideas.

If the above points are not enough to convince your boss, we provide you with templates and worksheets that will more than do the job.

Convince Your Boss

Email us at danielle.crouse@MobiusInstitute.com 


Who runs CBM + RELIABILITY CONNECT® One Day Training Event?

Mobius Institute | Condition Monitoring and Reliability Improvement Training and Certification

CBM + RELIABILITY CONNECT® One Day Training Event is powered by Mobius Institute, a worldwide provider of reliability improvement, condition monitoring, and precision maintenance education to plant managers, reliability engineers, and condition monitoring technicians. Mobius Institute has trained and provided accredited certification to over 35,000 practitioners all over the world. Live Training is important, but on-going learning and skills improvement is essential to stay on top in this important field, with offices in America and Australia. Mobius Institute offers easily understandable and comprehensive Live Training in public, in-plant and online, in addition to these fantastic Training Events. Learn more about Mobius Institute.