Powered by Mobius Institute, we are delighted to introduce the celebrated Worldwide Condition Monitoring and Reliability Training Event: CBM + RELIABILITY CONNECT® One Day Training Event.

This quick video shows how professionals involved with Vibration Analysis, Infrared Thermography, Oil Analysis, Wear Particle Analysis, Ultrasound Analysis, Motor Testing, Precision Lubrication, Shaft Alignment, Field Balancing, Reliability and Performance Improvement will benefit by attending the CBM + RELIABILITY CONNECT One Day Training Event.



CBM + RELIABILITY CONNECT® One Day Training Event is designed specifically for condition monitoring professionals, maintenance managers and reliability engineers. From interactive learning sessions, real-life case studies, to the latest technologies featured in the expo, this training conference provides practical learning in the important aspects of industrial condition monitoring technologies.

CBM + RELIABILITY CONNECT One Day Training Event gets to the meat of what you need to know to do your job better and help your plant run better!  Our event covers key condition monitoring technologies that help you DETECT+DIAGNOSE faults and SOLVE problems. We teach you precision maintenance practices that have a practical application to IMPROVE equipment reliability.

The Topics Covered Include:

Topics covered at the CBM + Reliability Connect Conference
  • Vibration Analysis: an excellent technique to identify machine faults through non-destructive testing. Variations in the narrowband vibration spectra can identify a wide range of fault conditions, the severity, and the change over time.
  • Ultrasound: When friction (wear), turbulence and impacts occur, sounds are generated at frequencies above our hearing range. The ultrasound tools can detect these sounds in mechanical, electrical, and process applications.
  • Oil Analysis and Wear Particle: Also known as ferrography, WPA is the microscopic study of wear-related particles suspended in lubricating oil & grease. Identification of particle shape and material type, can provide a very clear and early indication of specific faults.
  • Alignment & Balancing: If the coupled-shafts are “collinear” (have no offset or angle between them) then the load on the shafts, coupling, seals, and bearings will be greatly reduced, thus maximizing their life.
  • Motor Testing: Utilizing motor current measurements, and optionally voltage measurements it is possible to detect a range of faults in the supply voltage, in the stator, rotor, and termination box.
  • Condition Monitoring Management: Condition Monitoring management involves the proper implementation of condition monitoring technologies and the interpretation of the results, for the purpose of supporting greater uptime of a plant’s production.
  • Thermography: Or thermal imaging, is an affordable, easy to use technology that provides an image where pixel color is related to temperature. It can be used to detect electrical, process & mechanical faults.
  • Lubrication: Key to the life of bearings and gears, and thus the reliability of the machine. If the oil or grease is clean, dry, has the correct chemistry & is applied in the correct volume, those components will deliver trouble-free operation.

In Addition to the Condition Monitoring Technologies, the Key Machinery-Related Reliability Improvement Techniques are Also Covered:

  • Implementation Strategy: plan, business case, reliability economics, milestones, asset management, ISO 55000.
  • Defect Elimination: project management, design for reliability, life cycle cost minimization, acceptance testing, SOPs, ODR.
  • Leadership: Leadership is an attitude. True leaders don’t take credit for improvement processes, they congratulate others. True leaders don’t try to solve the problems themselves; they ensure people work together to solve problems.
  • Data Analytics: statistics, criticality analysis, Pareto analysis, Weibull, Crow AMSAA, Monte Carlo, RBD.
  • Asset Strategy: RCM, FMEA, PMO.
  • Work & Spares: master asset list, bill of materials, change management, planning, scheduling, STO, CMMS.
  • Precision & Proactive Skills: a reliability leader and engineer’s view of installation, commissioning, asset care, 5S, alignment, balancing, lubrication, fastening.
  • Condition Monitoring: a reliability leader and engineer’s view of vibration analysis, ultrasound, oil analysis, motor testing, infrared, etc.
  • Continuous Improvement: root cause analysis, communication, KPIs.
Reliability Technology Topics - CBM + Reliability Connect Conference

Every successful reliability improvement program has an effective condition monitoring program and includes precision maintenance and asset care programs. This is the event where you will learn how to master the technologies and how to implement successful programs.

Anyone interested in condition monitoring should be interested in reliability improvement. The good news is that we offer both!


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