WS6: 1/2 Day Practical Workshop: How to Perform In-Situ Balancing without Balancing Software

Louis Peacock, Technical & Training Manager


How to perform in-situ balancing without balancing software.

Workshop framework:

  • 10 Minutes Theory on Balancing
    *Calculate Trail weight
    *Preparing balancing job
    *Placement of Sensors and Photo-tach
  • Practical Balancing
    *Using amplitude only
    *Using polar plot only


Louis Peacock is the Technical and Training Manager at Wearcheck ARC. With 13 years of experience in condition monitoring, he has worked across a variety of industries, including power generation, coal mining, gold mining, diamond mining, food industry, sugar mills, petrochemical industry, and hydro turbines. He is a certified Vibration CAT 4 Analyst and Instructor, Thermography level 2, Oil analysis level 2, Shaft Laser Alignment, and In-situ Balancing. These qualifications have allowed him to gain a comprehensive understanding of the importance of condition monitoring in maintaining the health and performance of industrial equipment.

Throughout his career, Louis has dedicated himself to helping organizations improve their equipment reliability and reduce downtime. He has implemented several condition monitoring programs, trained personnel, and provided technical support to maintenance teams. His passion for condition monitoring has driven him to develop innovative solutions that help organizations save time and money. He is excited to share his experience and knowledge with fellow professionals at the condition monitoring conference in Antwerp. He believes that sharing experiences and insights is critical to advancing the field of condition monitoring and improving equipment reliability across all industries.