AMWS3: Rolling bearing applications, failure analysis & reliability improvement – missing links

Darren Kenworthy, Engineering Manager, SKF Australia Pty Ltd


The workshop session addresses Life Cycle Management of rotating equipment by exploring some common scenarios involving “failure” or damage of rolling element bearings.

Examples are used to highlight, in a practical way, the connections (or lack thereof) between bearing technology (product selection & specification), original equipment design (bearing system design & application engineering), damage identification (condition monitoring), maintenance (primarily lubrication) and fault diagnosis (reliability engineering).

ISO damage classifications will be used and elaborated.

Some aspects of vibration analysis will be explored from a bearing technology and application engineering perspective.


Darren has in-depth knowledge of rolling bearing technology, selection & application design. He has 29 years’ experience with industrial rotating equipment applications; performance and reliability issues related to rolling bearing arrangements.
• 1988 – 1997 Application Engineer, SKF NZ & SKF Australia
• 1998 – 2000 Application Development Engineer, CARB™ roller bearings, SKF Sweden
• 2001 – 2007 Business Development Manager – Continuous Casting, Asia-Pacific region, SKF Metals Industry Team
• 2004 – 2007 Application Engineering Manager, SKF Australia
• 2007 – 2008 Services Delivery Manager, SKF Australia
• 2009 to date Engineering Manager, SKF Australia