WS7: 1/2 Day Hands-on Workshop: Optimizing Benefits Of Predictive Maintenance: Concepts Of Signal Processing And MCSA/VFD

Suri Ganeriwala, President


This unique workshop will provide attendees with the fundamental principles of the three distinct elements of your predictive maintenance program: signal processing, MCSA (motor current signal analysis), and interference of VFD (variable frequency drives) in the data analysis. The presentation will begin with explaining digital signal processing in a simplified manner. Students will learn how to utilize their existing vibration analysis tools to extract the maximum information from the vibration and motor current signals. The benefits will include how to determine the sampling rate, resolution, max frequency, and how to distinguish if you are missing a frequency component in your selected resolution, etc. A description of the essential physics of induction motors and the VFDs to maximize the benefits of your condition-based maintenance program will be provided. Students will learn to maximize the benefits of you existing predictive maintenance program.


Dr. Suri Ganeriwala is founder and president of Spectra Quest, Inc.  He has over forty years of industrial and academic experience in machinery fault diagnosis, signal processing, vibration analysis and control.  Suri has expertise in advanced signal processing and machine diagnostics techniques, modal analysis, and finite element modeling. He has been invited speaker in several international conferences around the world.  Suri has developed a unique method of instruction using the SpectraQuest Machinery Fault Simulator (MFS) which is his brainchild from concept to completion. These devices have been sold in over fifty countries around the world and have become standard for research and training.  He has authored over seventy papers, technical reports and articles in journals, magazines, and books. Suri is fellow of the International Society of Condition Monitoring and Machinery Failure Prevention Technology society (MFPT). He is the current Chair of the MFPT society. Suri obtained a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from The University of Texas at Austin.