AMWS2: Time signal analysis of ultrasound signals

Tom Murphy, Corporate Training Manager, SDT Ultrasound Solutions


In the “old days” of vibration, time signal analysis was what you did – generally on an oscilloscope from a signal recorded on a tape recorder. The modern world of vibration seems to think that time signal analysis is complicated. If you are in this category, you need to attend this workshop. Going from the very simple steps of one and then two sine waves, learn how to understand the wealth of diagnostic information that is in that time signal. The course will focus on ultrasound signals, but if you need some help just for vibration you will find this course useful.


Degree in Acoustics Chartered Engineer Certified Reliability Leader 33 years in vibration measurement, 22 years using IR and 16 years using ultrasound. Tom Murphy has worked in the field of vibration measurement and specifically condition monitoring for most of his professional life. He now assists Companies to develop or re-vitalise their programs with a clear focus on the overlap between the various technologies.