WS2: 2-Day Workshop: Infrared Thermography Introduction and Refresher


Infrared thermography is one of the most powerful and versatile condition monitoring technologies. The challenge is that it seems simple when it definitely is not. There is a great deal to know in relation to the failure modes of electrical and mechanical equipment that generate heat (including other industrial equipment: steam traps, insulation, roofing, and many others). And there is a lot to understand to ensure the camera is operated correctly. Plus, it is essential that the science of heat transfer is fully understood: radiation, convection, conduction, emissivity, and much more. Without a deep understanding it is incredibly easy to miss the fact that there is a critical fault, or to misdiagnose the fault and make the wrong recommendation.

This two-day workshop will cover much of what you need to know. At the very least you will go away understanding what you do know and where you need to bolster your knowledge.

On the first day we will focus on the “theory”. Utilizing the unique and powerful Mobius Institute animations, simulations, and real-life demonstrations, you will understand the camera and the science of thermography. If you have previously attended a course, it will be a tremendous refresher. Just wait until you see the animations and simulations – you will find yourself repeating “Ah, now I understand!” If it is your first introduction to thermography, you will be amazed that there is so much to understand – but you will be well and truly on your way to developing the necessary knowledge.

On the second day the focus will be the application of thermography with an explanation of a wide variety of failure modes and mechanisms, filled with case studies. You will apply the knowledge you gained on the first day to real world applications to ensure you perform the tests correctly and accurately interpret the measurements you take.

If you would like to gain accredited certification per ISO 18436-7 Category I (or per ASNT Level 1) you can attend additional on-line training sessions before the course and take the exam at the conference, or take the training after the workshop and take the exam on-line.


  1. Gain a solid understanding of the science behind infrared thermography (utilizing animations, simulations, and demonstrations)
  2. Understand the basics of the camera and key operating techniques
  3. Understand a variety of applications: electrical, rotating machinery, and others.
  4. Use it as a refresher or to achieve your training and certification goals