WS1: 1-Day Workshop: Introduction to Maintenance and Reliability


The key to increasing uptime, decreasing maintenance costs, and eliminating maintenance related injuries and environmental harm is to improve maintenance practices and to focus on eliminating failures, not just efficiently dealing with them. In this one-day interactive workshop you will learn how to determine the root causes of failure, develop an effective maintenance plan, and execute precision maintenance. Via a combination of planning and scheduling, spares management, precision skills, and condition monitoring it is possible to vastly reduce the reason why equipment fails and to deal with those failures in an efficient, cost-effective way, ensuring that rework is not required, and the life of the equipment is maximized.

If you are relatively new to maintenance and reliability, or your expertise is focused in just one or two areas, this workshop will enable you to put all the pieces together and have a clear understanding of the entire process.

Topics will include:

  1. Why do physical assets fail and how do we know they are failing
  2. How do we determine the root cause – and eliminate it
  3. How to develop a maintenance plan that caters for all the failure modes and mechanisms
  4. Planning and scheduling, including the development of procedures, workflows, master asset lists, and more
  5. Spares management, including how to care for the spares
  6. Condition monitoring (there is a full-day workshop the following day)

Precision maintenance: lubrication, fastening, alignment, and balancing