Wireless Considerations for Asset Data Collection

Antonin Goude, Principal Field Marketing Manager, National Instruments


Wireless sensors are becoming more prevalent as companies look to get more data without the high cost of running cable and conduit. Wireless technology has many options and tradeoffs between how often data is collected, the acquisition parameters, battery life, and more. Focusing on the job to be done can help you as you research wireless options on the market. In this presentation, learn about different wireless device options and what’s important on the spec sheet.  You should leave with a better understanding of general wireless sensor solution architectures and some considerations that will help you in researching wireless technology.​


1. Differences of wireless standards and why they may matter.
2. Better understanding of how to read a datasheet for wireless products.
3. Understanding of feature tradeoffs when it comes to battery life, range, depth of data, etc.


As Principal Field Marketing Manager at NI, Antonin Goude is responsible for regionally leading the marketing strategy for NI technology used in Industrial IoT and Condition Monitoring in EMEIA. This comes with knowledge of market needs, coordinating strategy, feedback, training and shaping NI’s regional reputation and demand creation. Antonin holds a master’s degree in signal processing & engineering from the Groupe ESEO Institute of Science & Technology.