Case Study: Why is it a good time to start your digitalized predictive maintenance approach?

Pieter Van Camp, Chief Commercial Officer, I-care


Modern industrial organizations are currently operating and competing within Industry 4.0. For some, the journey has already been planned or underway but for many others, Industry 4.0 feels overhyped and therefore creates a negative light upon review and consideration. With more and more suppliers queuing up their ‘smart sensors’, the market now offers more options for customer consideration, leaving organizations with decisions on which solutions bring added value to their existing maintenance and reliability initiatives.

In this presentation, Pieter will discuss the positive aspects of this hype. What happens when a qualified Reliability Engineer meets a Data Analyst. Pieter will also take a closer look at the successes, challenges and opportunities of the market. Today, we notice a momentum that the maintenance and reliability community can use to take important steps. Pieter is going to define and specify criteria in four simple steps.

In the end, one simple question remains: why should we start implementing this today? Pieter’s presentation will help clarify and bring the hype into focus so you can make the most informed decision for your business.


1. What is the Maintenance 4.0 hype and what current challenges must be overcome
2. Why invest in 4.0 now
3. What are the necessary steps to a successful 4.0 implementation and maintaining a competitive edge.


Pieter Van Camp joined I-care group in 2015 as a Corporate Business Development Manager. He was promoted to Chief Commercial Officer in 2018. Pieter has over 20 years of experience in predictive maintenance. Following his thesis on the “Implementation of a predictive maintenance approach on robots in the automotive industry”, he started his career as a predictive maintenance expert with Emerson, coaching industrial and commercial customers to improve their reliability and maintenance processes, using digital technologies. Pieter Van Camp holds a Master of Science in Electromechanical Engineering from Internationale Hogeschool Leuven (Belgium).