Case Study: Vibration + Scada + Oil Online Analysis

Partha Ravi, Technical Sales Engineer, Onyx Insight


On large wind farms 100+ we have been effectively using scada , vibration and oil combined in single graph to know trends of the machine. In this case using scada data of wind turbine we pick up blade related pitch deviation while at same time combining main bearing vibration sensor we pick up bearing faults combining two different techniques in one place and finding source of this issue.


Partha graduated as Mechanical engineer and pursued Master’s in Aerospace engineering.​ He started his career as composite tool development engineer for the wind and automotive industry, making nacelle covers and automotive parts, writing the product specification.​
Over the years he has gathered experience in design of wind turbine major components specializing as stress engineering, wind turbine loads working  from start-up-OEM company – in India and then  over time progressing as a Senior vibration engineer for simulation of wind gearbox (New product development) from Siemens Winergy, India. ​The typical gearbox range would be 3MW to 10MW scale for design and certification purposes.

Partha has a very flexible learning and so he had opportunity to work as supply chain costing for wind farms, costing lead for  service crane, gearbox refurb, which were to be presented to Senior management for decision making.​ Currently working as Technical sales in promoting the ONYX technology thru various product offerings as well as interaction with customer’s gearing up to hold major key accounts.