Case Study: Troubleshooting of Sub-Synchronous Vibration for Multistage Gas Compressors

Sultan Alshneiber, Reliability Engineer, Saudi Aramco


Sub-synchronous vibration “SSV” troubleshooting is challenge especially during mechanical run test of API 617 centrifugal compressor. This presentation discusses the possible causes of the SSV in addition to share the troubleshooting and finding of  new multistage API 617 compressor experienced SSV at the factory acceptance test. The presented case shows the influence of the axial float and the thrust bearing lubrication on the SSV appearance. Moreover, the effect of the testing averment such as vacuumed test on the sub-synchronous. The effect of the sub-synchronous vibration on the long and short terms and the path forward in case of sub-synchronous.


Conduct factory acceptance test for gas compressors as per API-617
Troubleshooting sub-synchronous vibration
Condition monitoring for rotating equipment


Sultan is a Mechatronics Engineer graduated from California State University Chico. He works as a reliability engineer in Abqaiq Plants Maintenance Department and he did his hands on technical training with Mechanical Services Shop Department. He supports operation and maintenance in different tasks such as trip investigations, overhauling equipment, troubleshooting, evaluate new technologies, MTBF analysis, assessments and studies on rotating equipment.