Thermal Imaging Introduction

Jay Bowen, Bowen Infrared


The Introduction to Thermography is for the Predicative Maintenance expert user wanting an introduction class dedicated for thermal imaging.  No experience in thermography is necessary. This targeted introduction would expand knowledge of the thermal imager with simple science review, basic camera operation and meaningful measurement usage. This discussion will also include some image review for  pattern examples typical on rotating components along with the caveats and pitfalls that can present challenges.


Jay has been involved in the electrical construction trades since 1977. He has been utilizing infrared thermography in varied applications since the mid-90s, serving as a nation-wide instructor and consultant since 1998. Jay holds a Wisconsin Masters Electrical certificate, Wisconsin Commercial Electrical Inspector Certification, and a Wisconsin State designer’s license in electrical systems and an Associate’s Degree in Electronics Technology. He was a contributor to the NFPA CEST development.

He has developed and taught classes in all thermography applications of electrical, mechanical, process sue, gas detection, quality control, insulation integrity, moisture intrusion, air flow, and efficient building science. Jay is a popular speaker for applications of thermography. He has presented at many ResNet and Wisconsin Energy Conservation conferences, and National Weatherization conferences, the Black Hills Power Summit, Doble power conferences, InfraMation conferences, The Energy Out West conferences and ACI conferences.