The Importance of Walk-down Inspections to a Successful Reliability Program

Forrest Pardue, Owner/President, 24/7 Systems Inc


When plants set up their reliability programs, most start with the existing CMMS functional location structure and asset registry. However, if the CMMS information isn’t accurate, the starting point is flawed. Often, this information is no longer valid because:

  • It was set up from an old system.
  • It was never fully implemented.
  • The people who set up the structure were inadequately qualified.
  • Components do not match the structure properly.
  • It is out of date, the MOC (Management of Change) process is insufficient.
  • New areas have not been added or are not up to date.
  • Area supervisors keep the information in spreadsheets

As companies work to improve their vibration, lubrication, or PM programs, they find the initial data questionable. Many realize they need to “just walk it down to verify what’s in the plant, really, is what’s in the CMMS.”

There is a requirement to walk around and visually verify CMMS accuracy. Such a requirement informs us that many facilities, even the ones that try to follow a MOC process, are failing to keep their CMMS up to date.  A periodic CMMS audit to validate the accuracy and completeness of location and asset data is the best way to identify and remedy discrepancies.

Facilities need walk-down inspections to properly validate CMMS data. Join us as we explore why walk-down inspections are necessary to achieve optimal reliability program success.


1. Why walk-down inspections are important
2. How to set up a walk-down inspection
3. What should be included in a walk-down inspection


After earning a BSEE at North Carolina State and then an MBA, Forrest has worked in the field of vibration analysis and predictive maintenance for more than 30 years. As one of the founding members of Computational Systems, Inc (CSI), he was actively involved in the technical and market development of modern condition monitoring technologies. Following Emerson Electric’s acquisition of CSI in 1998, Forrest co-founded 24/7 Systems. He recognized that the greatest challenge facing industrial maintenance had shifted to the measurement, management, and improvement of plant asset reliability. 24/7 Systems is focused on the development and delivery of Reliability Information Management software and services.