From Time to Condition-Based Lubrication

Ken Mitchell, Customer Success Engineer, Industrial Matrix


What does it mean to lubricate bearings properly?
Did you know that more than 30% of bearings failures are attributed to poor lubrication practices?* Ultrasound takes the guesswork out of how your bearings react to each shot of grease by providing instant feedback with every injection, in real time.
Join us as we discuss the basic principles of acoustics, how we lubricated in the past and what the future of industry looks like as we overcome barriers to poor lubrication practices. We will dive deep into the inner workings of a rolling element bearing as each shot of grease is delivered and why precision lubrication is so important.
Finally, we will explore best practices in managing lubricants to prevent contamination, controlled output and how technology has progressed to provide real-time feedback while automating the lubrication process. Lubrication excellence is achieved by preventing lubrication-based failures, reducing downtime and ensuring that bearing maintenance always gets done.


Ken Mitchell is an account executive & customer success engineer at Industrial Matrix, a tech company enabling industrial manufacturing facilities to prevent catastrophic failures in real time, maximize asset utilization and reduce operational costs.
With over 8 years of experience in power generation, oil & gas and automotive manufacturing, Ken’s hands-on and technical experience has helped establish world-class ultrasound programs with companies such as: Ontario Power Generation, Saudi Aramco and AG Simpson, and others.
Certified as a level 1 & 2 Ultrasound inspector, CAT 1 Vibration analyst, Ken brings an energetic enthusiasm to condition monitoring and predictive maintenance techniques using ultrasound and vibration technologies.
Ken is at the forefront of the next generation of reliability leaders, as Industry 4.0 integrates with the Industrial Internet of Things. Join him to discuss what the future of reliability looks like today.