The Effects of Mounting on Vibration Collection – Are You Getting the Data You Expected?

Renard Klubnik, Wilcoxon Sensing Technologies


No matter what type of sensor you have, it’s only as good as the mounting you are using. This learning opportunity is aimed at expanding your understanding of different types of mounting techniques, and exploring how it affects your data.
The presenter will provide a detailed examination of collecting vibration data in different ways, share real world vibration measurement data examples from the field, and explain how various mounting techniques will influence the accuracy of vibration data to effectively monitor machine condition and confidently detect faults.
This presentation will also cover why measurements vary, highlight ideal mounting techniques in the field, factors to consider, and why using the wrong mounting should be avoided. If you use the wrong mounting, the result could be inaccurate measurement data or even worse – missing data completely.
You will come away from this presentation with more knowledge on the importance of using optimal mounting, understand what to use, and also know what to avoid in order to obtain accurate and reliable measurements time after time.


Renard Klubnik is the senior applications engineer for Wilcoxon Sensing Technologies where he is the primary technical resource for worldwide sales activities. He routinely identifies and provides technical solutions related to the proper selection and implementation of Wilcoxon’s accelerometer and transmitter products. He has been involved in the predictive maintenance arena and vibration sensing technology for most of his 40 plus years in the industry. He spent several years as a consultant directing client companies in their efforts to implement reliability based solutions at the plant floor level. He is also an accomplished lecturer presenting material on topics such as basic vibration, piezoelectric sensors use and calibration, machine spectrum analysis and digital signal analysis.