Smart Lubrication: How Industry 4.0 is revolutionizing oil analysis and lubrication management

Mark Barnes, Senior Vice President, Des-Case


According to a major bearing manufacturer, as many as 63% of bearing failures are caused lubrication related issues such as wrong or degraded lubricants or contaminated oil.  While this is nothing new, advances in sensors and sensor technology has enabled the simple adoption of proactive maintenance practices to address lubrication related issues even before failures start to occur.  In this session we’ll look at how real time condition monitoring, combined with “smart” oil management can eliminate downtime and reduce maintenance costs through precision lubrication.


Mark Barnes serves as Vice President of the Des-Case Reliability Services team. In this role, Mark and his team of lubrication experts help educate end-users on the value of precision lubrication to asset reliability and provide support to help asset intensive company’s change the way they perform lubrication.