Setting Vibration Alarms

Alan Friedman, Mobius Institute


Vibration analysis in a CBM program is all about looking for change. If you have your alarms set up correctly, your software can do most of the work for you. So why is it that most people either do not have their vibration alarms set up or are not confident their alarms are set correctly? This presentation will review the common alarm types, it will explain a process to generate and fine tune these alarms and will point out the limitations of the current systems with an eye towards the future. If you are thinking of purchasing a new system this will provide some tips about what to look for.


Alan Friedman is the founder / CEO of Zenco. I specialize in vibration monitoring program audits and on-site vibration analysis training. I provide on-site vibration analysis training and mentoring. I’m also available for vibration monitoring product development support, wireless sensors, diagnostics, analytics etc. I have 27+ years experience in vibration monitoring and have trained thousands of students worldwide at ISO 18436-2 Cat 1, 2, 3 and 4.