A roadmap strategy for implementing an effective reliability improvement initiative

Jason Tranter, Founder and CEO, Mobius Institute


Most maintenance, reliability, and production/operations people understand the value of reliable assets. And countless organizations have attempted to utilize condition monitoring and reliability improvement techniques to achieve reliable, dependable assets. But what percentage of those programs achieve the benefits they set out to achieve? How many of those programs are still active five years after their establishment? Sadly, the answer is precious few… Unfortunately, too many organizations either take a piecemeal approach, with a smattering of the “obvious elements” that are discussed at most conferences (CBM, RCM, PMO, RCA, etc.), or they have no real plan, or they fail to achieve any improvement in the “culture of reliability” – or all of the above. In this presentation, Jason will briefly recap why so many programs fail to achieve the desired benefits and then outline a step-by-step strategy for implementing the program. Every stage, step, and milestone has defined goals – skip them at your peril! In this 45-minute session, it will not be possible to explain every step (and very few of the milestones), but it will, at the very least, provide an opportunity to reflect on why your program may not be achieving its stated goals, and it will certainly provide a roadmap for those just getting started with a new reliability-improvement initiative.


Jason Tranter is the founder and Managing Director of Mobius Institute.  Jason is the author of the majority of the Mobius Institute training courses and e-learning products covering reliability improvement, condition monitoring and precision maintenance topics.  Titles include iLearnReliability, iLearnVibration, iLearnAlignment, and iLearnBalancing.  Vibration analysis classroom and distance learning courses follow ISO 18436-2 Category I – IV.

Mobius Institute has training centers in over 60 countries, and also provides certification through the ISO/IEC 17024 accredited organization, Mobius Institute Board of Certification.  Mobius has direct offices in Australia, Europe and the United States with over 20 employees.

Mr. Tranter has been involved with this field of work since 1984.  He has worked with people in a variety of industries to help improve reliability and implement successful condition monitoring programs.  He is an Australian delegate to ISO TC 108/SC5 “Condition monitoring and diagnostics of machine systems”.

Jason has written numerous articles and presented at conferences around the world. Jason has also been awarded “best presenter” at numerous conferences, including at the previous two Euromaintenance conferences. Thousands of people have viewed Jason’s Webinars and YouTube videos on the Mobius YouTube channel.