Remote Ultrasound Assisted Bearing Monitoring & Lubrication – Anywhere Anytime

Andre Jooste, Level II Ultrasound Specialist & Trainer, Ultra-Tek Pty Ltd


Ultrasound Assisted Lubrication is a remote bearing monitoring and lubrication system designed to reduce what causes over 80% of premature bearings failure by enabling remote condition-based lubrication.
When it comes to bearings, friction is the enemy.
We go to great lengths to try to avoid unnecessary friction in our rolling element bearings and yet we often experience premature bearing failure caused by lubrication issues.  Ultrasound Assisted Lubrication fights back against friction by ensuring bearing lubrication certainty.
The principal of Ultrasound Assisted Lubrication is that it monitors the friction in a bearing looking for the first signs of lubrication issues, notifying you of the need for lubrication long before any damage is done to the bearing.  Using the bearing friction as the guide, you can precisely and accurately lubricate using only the required amount of grease to bring the friction back to the normal baseline.  By using the real-time friction as your guide while regreasing, you can have certainty that you have not over or under lubricated the bearing.


Andre Jooste a level II ultrasound specialist and trainer will be sharing the latest developments in ultrasound linked condition monitoring in moving from time-based lubrication, to condition based automated lubrication, using the last developments in ultrasound technology.