Asset Reliability Driven by Meaningful Information

Mark Needham, Lubrication Technical Authority


We hear the term IIOT banded around all the time, but are business actually taking notice of this and empowering themselves with this data?

From the many organisations we visit, it becomes evident quite quickly, that although they are trying, they are more often failing with the basic human machine interface and capturing this essential data.

When we talk about lubrication, this is the data that is essential to the success of any reliability programme, miss this vital first step and your reliability programme will struggle.

We will look into what a true reliability-based CMS system should contain, along with the lubricants that will allow you to push reliability.

Lubrication technology is constantly moving, improving, combating different challenges across the different industries, choosing the correct lubricant to compliment your programme is a key step to the utopia of reliability and world class OEE. We will delve into lubricants and how you can react to the challenge with the correct lubricant.


Learning Takeaways:

  • What data do we need to capture
  • Lubricant essentials
  • Combining data for analysis


Mark Needham is an experienced engineer, has worked in a variety of industrial sectors at both technician and supervisory levels having specialised in lubrication, condition monitoring and reliability engineering for more than 24 years. Before joining AVT Reliability®, Mark spent 13 years in the Royal Air Force as a propulsion engineer of which part of his role within the RAF was running the EFDC (early failure detection centre) looking at wear debris analysis for gas turbines, gearboxes, auxiliary power units etc.

Mark is an ICML (IO 18435-4 MLAIII level lubricant analyst with experience (one of only two qualified people in the UK) to provide training and support to all customers for lubricants and implement Lubrication & Condition Monitoring Programs. Mark is also a member of the Mobius FLA Technical Committee.