PWS2: Mobius Institute Certification Review Course

Jason Tranter, Founder & CEO, Mobius Institute


This Mobius Institute refresher course will allow you to see Mobius training “in action” with all of our modern animations and simulations. Jason Tranter will provide you with Category II and III gap training. He will answer any questions and review some of the key points.

If you choose to take the certification exam (fee required), you will also receive access to our online training so that you have plenty of time to review your Category II or III knowledge.


One of the most important duties of a vibration analyst is to detect bearing faults at the earliest stage so that the replacement task can be properly planned, and where possible, the life can be extended. This workshop will explore how vibration analysis, ultrasound, and wear particle analysis can be used to detect those early warnings and then monitor their condition to estimate the life of the bearing. But detecting faults is only half the job. The key to success is to prevent them from occurring. So this workshop will discuss the reasons why bearings fail and how we can prevent failure and therefore achieve the longest life. The condition monitoring team can play a key role, but we will also discuss the broader reliability, maintenance, engineering and operational factors.