PT1 – Total Antwerp Refinery and Petrochemical Plant Tour

Exclusively sponsored by SDT International


Tour the Total Refinery and Petrochemical Plant in Antwerp. Total employs 1,800 people at three large production sites in the port of Antwerp and has for more than 50 years focused on the production of fuels, base chemicals and plastics.  Total Raffinaderij Antwerpen is one of Europe’s most modern and diversified refineries and the largest in Belgium. It’s an international supplier of various oil products and base products such as naphtha, butane and aromatics for the petrochemical industry.  Naphtha and butane are converted into light components such as ethylene and propylene at the second site, Total Olefins Antwerp.  A large amount of the ethylene is then processed into high density polyethylene (HDPE) at Total Polymers Antwerp, the third plant of the Antwerp platform. They have integrated a Reliability program and are still focused on exploring new and better technologies into this program for safety reasons, environmental and continuously production warranty. When you attend this tour, you will learn about Total’s reliability program and how they manage it. You will hear about each of the three sites and an explanation of the production process. The tour will take you through the refinery with a stop at the control room.

Limited availability, lunch will be provided.