PMWS4: Resonance Testing

Tony DeMatteo, Owner, 4X Diagnostics


This workshop describes diagnostic testing methods and instrumentation that can be used to solve difficult vibration and other issues on rotating equipment and structures. The workshop will include discussion, illustration and real world examples of diagnostic techniques such as Time and Frequency based Operational Deflection Shape testing, Modal Analysis, operational and non-operational resonance testing methods, shaft vibration, noise and Stress Wave measurements.


Tony is a Category IV vibration analyst. He is a highly skilled diagnostic measurement, signal analyst and technical training instructor with 39-years experience. He is accomplished in vibration measurement and analysis, modal analysis, operational deflection shape testing, acoustics, dynamic balancing, transient capture, on-line monitoring, floor vibration testing and product defect analysis. He is experienced in a wide range of industries and equipment. Tony began his career in 1974 as a field machinist at Eastman Kodak Company in Rochester, NY. In 1977 he transitioned into Kodak’s Equipment Diagnostics Group and worked for twenty years a full time vibration analyst and group leader. After leaving Kodak in 1998, Tony worked for Emerson Process Management, CSI Division as a senior consultant and training instructor. Tony received two service awards for outstanding performance while working for Emerson. In July 2005, Tony left Emerson/CSI and started his own company, 4X Diagnostics. 4X Diagnostics provides diagnostic measurement and analysis, mentoring, modal analysis, operational deflection shape testing, modal/ODS training, remote monitoring and analysis and in-plant or public vibration technology training courses. Certifications: Category IV Certified Vibration Analyst Certified training instructor for Mobius Institute in North America RAD Worker trained MSHA Certification Part 48