PMWS4: Extending Reliability Through Condition Monitoring Driven Precision and Reliability Programs

Tod Baer, Minnkota


Having discovered the roadmap to reliability through condition monitoring, two critical programs will be presented that will create increased reliability in an organization.  Discover what precision and reliability programs all encompass. When you hear the terms “World Class” and/or Best-in Class” what does it mean to you?  As an end-user the presenter will discuss experiences relating to the roles that these programs play in extending the P-F curve and creating a culture that strives to continuously improve reliability.


  1. Stimulate thought regarding the actual value of “World Class”, “Best-in-Class” and “Greatest Value”.
  2. Understand how precision and a reliability program can extend the P-F curve and increase and sustain reliability.


Tod currently holds the position of Production Specialist IV – Reliability at Minnkota Power’s coal-fired generating facilities located at Center ND. Minnkota Power Cooperative Inc, is a generation and transmission utility which serves 11 member-owner cooperatives located in eastern North Dakota and western Minnesota. Tod has been working in the reliability centered maintenance field since 1983 at the facility. His current responsibilities are managing and overseeing the facility’s Reliability Program which includes the PD/PM Program, Loss Elimination, RCA, Asset Control and Care Process. He is very passionate about Pd, PM and RCM, as a practitioner, instructor and mentor in the fields of vibration, lubrication, ultrasonics, thermography, RCFA and precision maintenance. In the mid 1980’s he was the driving force in the development and implementation of Minnkota Power’s Pd/PM program, and supervised Minnkota’s Pd/PM team. In the 1990’s, using information obtained from the Pd/PM, CMMS and RCA programs Tod justified the need to adapt precision maintenance philosophies into the facility’s maintenance program. Today, Minnkota Power’s, Asset Reliability Maintenance Program, incorporates most maintenance philosophies and technologies. The evolving 40 year old maintenance program has been very successful and has played an important role in the power plants’ success as a cost effective, reliable energy producer. The program and the individuals championing the program have served as a guidepost to others seeking similar results.