PMWS4: Ultrasound Guided Condition Based Lubrication Advanced Solutions

Haris Trobradovic, Training Manager, SDT International


Workshop explains positive impact of Condition Based Lubrication supported by Ultrasound technology. From starting point of Lubrication practices where nothing or only copy/paste time based lubrication is done, we need to recognize the deficiencies of that kind of approach, understand where do they come from and , finally, what are the consequences. Once that step is done, solution must be found and put in place. Ultrasound supported Condition Based Lubrication offers an answer to proper bearing greasing practice, but not only that. It has a huge impact to whole lubrication strategy and activities of Condition Monitoring team as well. Those positive impacts can be seen only if a proper, modern, comprehensive solution is implemented, and in a right way. This workshop is offering an answer to those challenges.


Haris Trobradović is a Level 2 certified ultrasound inspector with 20 years’ experience in product design and set-up. As a Certified Reliability Leader (CRL) Haris understands the interconnectivity between asset condition management and an effective reliability culture. Active in more than 40 countries, Haris helps implement ultrasound programs in all types of industry. Proud member of SDT team.
When Haris is not abroad supporting customer’s reliability programs, he lives in Croatia with his wife and two sons.