WS1: 2-Day Asset Reliability Practitioner Advocate (ARP A) Workshop – with Optional Certification

Ken Buffington, Sr. Reliability Professional, Allied Reliability


This workshop is ideal for anyone who wishes to gain a solid understanding of reliability improvement and condition-based maintenance. You will understand why you should improve reliability, what is involved in implementing a program, and what all the roadblocks will be.  You will have a clear understanding of the strategies, philosophies, and terminology associated with the very important process of improving reliability and performance. The course is perfect for managers, engineers, maintenance & operations managers, and condition monitoring leaders.

The two day workshop will cover the following:

  • A big picture overview
  • The benefits of reliability improvement
  • How to assess the benefits for your organization
  • How to develop a reliability culture
  • Selling the program to senior management
  • Developing the program strategy
  • Understanding failure and failure modes
  • Defect elimination
  • Developing an asset reliability strategy
  • Work management (planning and scheduling)
  • Spares and material management
  • Precision and proactive maintenance
  • Condition monitoring
  • How to break out of the reactive maintenance cycle of doom
  • Continuous improvement
  • A summary of the implementation strategy

Optional (Once you complete the workshop you will be eligible to take the two-hour, 60-question, multiple-choice ARP-A exam at the conference.)


Ken Buffington is a reliability professional with over 35 years of comprehensive experience leading effective initiatives in operational and reliability excellence by utilizing failure-driven strategies, lean applications, proactive maintenance, and change management while driving team success and delivering demonstrated, sustainable results in safety, quality, productivity, efficiency, and cost. In his role as Solutions Delivery Manager for Allied Reliability, Ken is responsible for overseeing CBM service projects for Allied’s customers utilizing his expertise with reliability & maintenance metrics and KPIs, reliability engineering and design, maintenance program development and management, asset health management, failure elimination programs, lubrication excellence programs, condition based maintenance programs, operator care programs, and coaching & training.

Ken is a Certified Reliability Engineer (CRE) and holds both Asset Reliability Practitioner Advocate (ARP-A) and Reliability Engineer (ARP-E) certifications from Mobius Institute. He is also an authorized Instructor for the ARP-A and ARP-E courses in North America. He studied engineering technology at Midwestern State University and project management with the University of Phoenix.