Multi-Sensor Phase Analysis

Ori Negri, Senior Researcher, Augury


The use of phase analysis in vibration monitoring has long since been adopted as a tool for fault detection in mechanical machinery. This method, however, was limited to a single-type of sensor, mainly vibration. In this talk we present a novel continuous monitoring system that synchronously samples tri-axes vibration and magnetic sensors, at high speed, to enable cross-sensors phase analysis. We will show the advantages and capabilities of using cross-sensor’s correlation, phase analysis, and orbit plot, for fault detection and prognostics of electro-mechanical machines.


Ori is a research scientist with extensive experience in noise in electronic systems, signal processing algorithms, and solid state physics. Prior to joining Augury, Ori was a researcher and a lecturer at the Technion Israel Institute of technology. In this period Ori developed a novel detection system for quantum noise measurements and researched electrical noise in superconductors. Ori also worked several years at Philips Healthcare as a physicist. Ori holds a Ph.D. in physics and a B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from the Israel Institute of Technology.