Overview on Online Monitoring in the Internet of Condition Monitoring Things

Johan Grobler, Managing Director, Motornostix


There are challenges when planning and implementing online condition monitoring (CM) capabilities in a market filled with Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions and expectations.

We share and map out online CM IIoT solutions for reliability and asset management people who need to make sense of it all while finding themselves amid a push for CM’s contribution in delivering additional business value in the digital transformation.  Reliability and CM expertise can best help shape the enterprise’s connected future where a common understanding exists of the business and specialist objectives.

IoT business strategies require CM specialists to present a viable CM business case underpinned by an understanding of IoT and CM technologies and business objectives while incorporating sophisticated and simple CM capabilities in different formats.


A highly skilled reliability expert focussed on deploying and integrating optimum condition monitoring solutions into efficient asset management strategies for success in controlling reliability risks and maximise real business value. Specialties: Strategic condition based physical asset management, integration and realising actual business value in mining, manufacturing, FMCG and automotive sectors . On-line condition monitoring over the internet, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), operations management, mechanical engineering, maintenance planning and control, cost management, project management and continuous improvement.