The new ANSI alignment standard unpacked for South Africa

Christo Van der Walt, CEO, Engineering Dynamics (Pty) Ltd


The American National Standard ANSI/ASA S2.75-2017/Part 1 will form the bulk of an equivalent ISO standard which are more commonly used outside the USA. It is therefore important for local engineers and technicians working with the alignment of shafts to understand the presented guidelines of acceptability for rotating machinery alignment and to be in line with this coming ISO standard. The presentation discusses the recommended procedure in alignment as Measurement, Analysis, Correcting misalignment conditions and documentation. Tolerances for level, flatness, shaft runout as well as general shaft alignment tolerances are presented and explained for the correcting phase of the task. The presentation is concluded with a call to practitioners to embrace the standard in order for consistent and uniform operating conditions for machines with the proven benefits to machine uptime.


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