Case Study: Multiple Solutions to Solve Resonance

Sultan Alshneiber, Reliability Engineer, Saudi Aramco


This presentation will shed light on a very important vibration phenomenon which is resonance. Resonance occurs when a vibration is transmitted to another object with natural frequency equal or very close to that of the source. As a result, the vibration amplitude will be amplified. During the presentation several rotating equipment case studies will be shared showing different field examples of resonance along with shot and long term solutions. Moreover, different tips will be shared to avoid resonance vibration while replacing/ordering different rotating equipment.


Rotating equipment vibration
International standards
Vibration Case study
Resonance “Reed frequency”


Sultan is a Mechatronics Engineer graduated from California State University Chico. He works as a reliability engineer in Abqaiq Plants Maintenance Department and he did his hands on technical tanning with Mechanical Services Shop Department. He supports operation and maintenance in different tasks such as trip investigations, overhauling equipment, troubleshooting, evaluate new technologies, MTBF analysis, assessments and studies on rotating equipment.