Case Study: Motor Circuit Signature Analysis (MCSA) vs Vibration Analysis

Gerry Visagie, Operations Manager Christo van der Walt, CTO


Can Motor Circuit Signature Analysis (MCSA) replace Vibration Analysis or can the two CM techniques complement each other?

The theory behind MCSA and Vibration Analysis for electrical motors are briefly discussed.  Case Studies where measurements were obtained from both systems are reviewed and analyzed. The pros and cons of both techniques are highlighted and the case made that both can and should from part of a complete Condition Monitoring program.

Learning Takeaways:

  • Easy-to-understand discussion of MCSA underlying theory
  • MCSA as a non-intrusive and safe ConMon technique
  • MCSA can detect mechanical problems long before vibration analysis

Bio - Gerry Visagie

Gerry has extensive experience in the Industrial IT services and support Industry. He joined EDS 3 years ago as the Operations Manager.

Bio - Christo van der Walt

Christo is the founder and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Pretoria based Engineering Dynamics. He has a special interest in providing cost effective Condition Monitoring Technologies that are fast and easy to understand to their clients over the last 30 years.