PMWS1: Mechanical Inspection & Lubrication Utilising Ultrasound Workshop

Chris Hallum, Regional Manager, UE Systems


A high percentage of premature bearing failures can be accounted for through poor lubrication practices. Rotating assets produce friction, this in turn produces ultrasound. Ultrasound has a great benefit of being able to detect early, potential failure in bearings and can also be used to monitor lubrication levels through the friction generated.  This workshop will be focussed on the uses of Ultrasound for Condition monitoring and cover the basics of Ultrasound assisted lubrication programs.



An experienced electrical engineer with 13 years experience in the Royal Air Force. Qualifying as a technical trainer in his time, teaching many engineering principles and gaining qualifications and experience in Railway Signalling Engineering, teaching the railway engineers of the future. Highly knowledgeable and motivated, gaining Certified Maintenance and Reliability Professional status. In the past few years he has began to spread the knowledge of Ultrasound as a tool to aid in predictive maintenance strategies in every industry.