KN1: Keynote: IIoT: Connect to People, Process and Technology for Optimal Return

John Schultz, Executive Vice President of Reliability Solutions, Allied Reliability Group/T.F. Hudgins


“Connected” can be used several ways. In today’s world, the market tends to defer to technology – how many CONNECTions do you have on LinkedIn; do you have device-to-device interCONNECTivity; is your data CONNECTed to the cloud; is your condition monitoring software CONNECTed to your data historian and ERP…
Things like the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), machine learning, Industrie 4.0, predictive analytics, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence are not only all the rage, they are now at the top of the hype curve (Gartner). However, benchmark studies show that if you do not CONNECT your PEOPLE and your PROCESS to the enabling TECHNOLOGY, your returns will not only be sub-optimized, they will likely be negative.
This session will focus on the balance and the integration of PEOPLE, PROCESS and TECHNOLOGY that are needed to CONNECT your new IIoT initiative to the bottom line and, hopefully, help you CONNECT the dots for your business.


John Schultz has proven that maintenance and reliability can be a highly profitable investment, having helped 300+ manufacturing locations save millions in direct costs while increasing production, improving quality, and reducing inventories.
As co-founder of Allied Reliability Group (ARG), John successfully led the company to become a recognized industry leader with a complete solution of services and products utilizing a robust “Do-Teach-Find” deployment model enabled by iReliability™ Reliability Management System. Most recently, John was instrumental in merging ARG with T.F. Hudgins and now serves as Executive Vice President of Reliability Solutions, focused on combined company’s reliability-centered growth strategy.