Reliability vs. Reality in the Industries – Do you really get what you have paid for?

Syed Munawer Hasan, Founder & CEO, Plant Asset Efficiency (PAE) Solutions & Management Reliability Technology (MRT) Academy


At the end of a reliability program, you don’t necessarily get what you signed up for in the beginning. Though there is no “Gold Standard” for a Global Reliability Program, the complexity of programs is used to a person or departments’ advantage. With changing dynamics that determine productivity and profitability, programs are devised to showcase organizational images that are higher than necessary, and undeniably in favor of the individual or department. And, once a budget has been approved, stakeholders are sealed in. Though it may seem to favor the management and be consumed for the organization’s improvement, fortunately or unfortunately, alterations within the industry and within the organization happen all year long, and a program will either fail or remain the same.

A lot of reports suggest, 70% of Reliability programs fail to generate the projected cost savings or asset productivity results forecasted. Why? Whilst, additional research suggests that only 5% of organizations implement RCM programs with the right systems in place.

Does this imply RCM strategy is overrated? Certainly Not.

Reliability initiatives only bomb when no KPIs are put in place to measure whether the proposed results were met. Using a plan-do-check-act (PDCA) methodology increases the chance of success. And the “check” in PDCA is a KPI.

After going through a reliability program, will the result, in the end be 100%?


Hasan has over 25 years of experience in national, International and multi-national forums in which huge sections pertain to technical consultancy, trainings, mentoring, sales and marketing activities within the manufacturing industry. Adverse experience in a variety of fields enables him to diligently address all kinds of audience on any comprehensive topic. He is amongst the Reliability leaders in Pakistan and was recently appointed as a brand ambassador and community leader of Mobius Community Connect.

Strong business development professional with a BE & ME focused in Engineering Management from NED University of Engineering and Technology. His MBA in Management is beneficial in Productivity enhancement which leads towards growth, DBN and Profitability. He is a Certified Vibration Analyst, Thermographer & Management Consultant. In 2011 successfully launched his own company, PAE Solutions, along with FAG Industrial services division of Schaeffler as their distributor in Pakistan. Currently the CEO of two esteemed companies, PAE Solutions & MRT Academy, proud partners with multiple International brands such as Adash, CTC, RKB, Sensonics, Guard Magic, Sequoia, Meta Smart Factory, Infinite Uptime, Mobius Institute, Nooria Corp & other valued brands.

He has successfully trained over 10,000 candidates across Pakistan concerning the field of Asset Management, Asset Reliability, Condition Monitoring, Reliability Engineering, Operations Management, Six Sigma, Maintenance Management and Root Cause Analysis, which include system design, development plans & implementation. A professional corporate trainer and consultant, proficient in equipping individuals with exclusive tools and techniques that inculcate them to identify their true potential and perform above and beyond the paradigm and transcending expectations. Munawer has been associated with numerous esteemed organizations, having successfully completed projects nationally and internationally with various companies such as Maple Leaf Cement, OMV, British Petroleum, SABIC, Maadan , QAFCO, QP, ARAMCO, Unilever, Nestle, etc.

Having held senior management positions, in Pakistan and the Middle East, during his association with SKF Pakistan, SKF KSA & GMES Qatar. Invited as a speaker in esteemed National and International Conferences such as the “Vibration Conference” hosted by Atomic Energy and the “Asset Management Conference” held in Singapore in 2010. Has also prepared various tutorials regarding thermography on @ptitudexchange for SKF.

Humanitarian by nature, in 2009, he successfully executed a flood relief camp in Dadu, and has also taken part voluntarily in the earthquake camps and multiple other relief projects.

He is currently conducting researches on IOT, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence & Data Sciences products & technological development for Remote Analysis and diagnostics of assets.