Case Study: Installation and Commissioning, Pillars of Reliability

Roman Megela Gazdova, Easy Laser AB, Senior Reliability Engineer


The Installation has direct impact on machinery performance, life cycle cost and operating conditions. To achieve reliable operation of rotating machinery we have to assure proper installation. Understanding of installation protocols starting from Foundation Flatness, Levels, Soft Fot, Precisison Shaft Alignment, Pipe Strain, Nozzle Load and Thermal Growth are essencial. In the PF curve Installation is proactive phase right after the Design. I will present step by step the order of the procedures for placement and installation of rotating machinery and explain in details what is important and how these conditions affect machinery. Explain the effects of unproper installation and what are the consecuences to rotating machinery.


1. Understand the importance of proper machinery installation.
2. Consequences of bad installation and their effect on rotating machinery.
3. Learn Installation procedures and their order.


Roman Megela Gazdova works as Reliability engineer at Easy-Laser AB. Roman has more than 20 years of experience in assembly, commissioning and service of gas compression systems all over the world, from Europe to Asia and USA. From glass production, stainless steel production, oil and gas, oxygen, petrochemical, natural gas, biogas, hydrocarbons. Vibration specialist certificate CAT 1. Mechanical engineering background with specialty of optimizing productions processes. Now, Roman is on the mission to teach good practice for reliable machinery installation through Reliability language.