Case Study: Gas Compressor Alignment

Sven Fleischer, Easy-Laser AB Tim King, GVS


How to use laser alignment on compressors

Many types of compressors require shaft alignment for optimum operation. But that’s not enough. Learn how to solves many types of alignment measurements with one and the same laser system.

Sometimes you come to ”end of road” when aligning a machine. It’s simply not possible to solve the problem under given circumstances, so instead you must change the circumstances. This study is about alignment of a compressor is an example of this, and how the Laser systems could solve the ”new” assignment instead – or too we might say, because the machine of course still had to be aligned.

  • Measuring sole plates on foundation
  • Checking engine deck surfaces
  • Checking of flatness of foundation/frame

Bio - Sven Fleischer

Sven Fleischer has 26 years of experience and expertise in the field of asset reliability. Focussing on plant installation, commissioning, field services, training, and consulting, from a PdM perspective to optimise plant reliability.

As the APAC Sales Manager for Easy-Laser AB, Sven is able to assist regional business partners provide laser shaft alignment and geometric system solutions to the end users’ requirements.

Vibration Analyst Category III – ISO 18436-2
Asset Reliability Practitioner Category II – ISO

Bio - Tim King

Technical specialist and sales support across the GVS suite of condition monitoring and reliability technologies and products.