Industry update: the use of smart data and lloT

Sven Fleischer, Area Sales Manager , PRUFTECHNIK S.E.A. Pte. Ltd


  • Online monitoring systems but also portable instruments can offer the user today an automatic analysis of common root causes for machine problems via vibration- and process parameter – auto analysis. This provides a great help for all the user, operator and specialists.
  • Analysts can concentrate on their core capabilities and manage their time. And even more by using intelligent instruments who use smart data and interfaces of IIoT and 4th industrial revolution.
  • The IIoT technology can be used to inform and interact with machine conditions and monitoring systems in very low time (seconds up to real time) worldwide and using common platforms and protocols for simple visualisation in dashboard format.


Sven has worked more than 20 years in the Machinery-Reliability Business. Starting with PRUFTECHNIK Group in Germany as an engineer, he builds his experience with field services and vibration troubleshooting analysis. In recent years he consults customer and supports sales channel in Asia-Pacific region through Singapore. As one of the technology leaders for intelligent measurement systems, PRUFTECHNIK helps to optimize production and increase machine availability. Sven is an authorized Instructor for ISO Vibration Analysis courses in Singapore.