Increasing your Planning Horizon Through HD Technology

Rick Verbij, Managing Director , SPM Instrument NL


Condition monitoring has been successfully used for planning maintenance activities. With increased asset utilization there is a strong demand from production to postpone or shorten maintenance stops. This requires ultra-long prewarning times. During the presentation a few cases will demonstrate the use of complementary measuring techniques and how they are used in order to increase the planning horizon, optimize maintenance planning while minimizing risk.


Rick has 24 years of experience in condition monitoring in commercial / technical / service related roles and is ISO 18436-2 CAT II certified.

Since 2003 responsible for the management of the SPM Benelux operation. Nowadays still actively involved in Proof of concept projects, working closely with major accounts optimizing performance of their CM programs.

Rick holds a bachelor degree in electrical engeering from Eindhoven Fontys hogeschool.