Hands-On Workshop: Identifying Faults with Purpose Built Test Rig

Jason Tranter, CEO & Founder, Mobius Institute


In this hands-on workshop we will use our purpose built test-rig (and two other really cool rigs) to demonstrate all sorts of basic and advanced techniques: spectrum, phase, time waveform analysis, enveloping (and other techniques), motion amplification, resonance detection and correction (including phase, run-up, bump test), slow speed bearing fault detection, and general fault detection (including unbalance, misalignment, looseness, resonance, belt damage, and bearing fault).

Lead by Jason Tranter and Dennis Swanepoel, with other experienced experts. Take a look at this video to see the rigs.


Jason Tranter is the founder and Managing Director of Mobius Institute. Jason is the author of the majority of the Mobius Institute training courses and e-learning products covering reliability improvement, condition monitoring and precision maintenance topics. Mobius Institute has training centers in over 50 countries, with direct offices in Australia, Europe and the United States.

Mr. Tranter has been involved with this field of work since 1984. He has worked with people in a variety of industries to help improve reliability and implement successful condition monitoring programs. He has written numerous articles and presented at conferences around the world where he has often won “speaker of the conference”.