HD Technology – A low RPM case, 3 years pre-warning time

Christer Larsson, Academy Trainer, SPM Instrument


In this case study we will follow a bearing from the earliest damage indication to a severe damage during three years. The presentation will cover the basic concept of HD Technology and how the HD technology can extend the pre-warning time dramatically.
The bearing is rotating continuously with a relatively low speed (16 RPM). The presented application is from a fertilizer plant and is one of the absolutely most critical application found in this operation. An innovative tool to show information from several hundred spectrums in one picture will be demonstrated among other advanced tools.


Christer Larsson, born 1968 in Sweden, has a work background as a mechanical engineer working for car manufacturer Volvo Cars, electric utility provider Eon ES, and ABB Motor & Generator Services. Since November 2015, he is the Head of SPM Academy training at SPM Instrument. Christer has thirty years of experience in condition monitoring, including an extensive understanding of machine tooling equipment and high precision spindles. He has done vibration and electrical motor diagnoses on-shore, off-shore, underground, and in the air, for a wide range of machines. He is a Mobius Institute instructor since 2005 and is CAT IV certified.