Gaps… In Your Electric Motor Reliability Program

Noah Bethel , Vice President of Product Development , PdMA Corporation


The best laid plan… is an idiom that should not come to mind if you’re describing your electric motor reliability program. However, many have seen a great plan, or at least what was thought to be a great plan, fail to meet expectations.  This presentation will discuss the common gaps in the implementation and operation of an electric motor reliability program including mistakes in Quality Control, Trending, and Troubleshooting of electric motors.



  1. Applying electrical fault zone analysis principles toward identifying root cause failure analysis
  2. Review detailed analysis techniques in quality control to extend motor life expectancy
  3. Learn proper application of root cause failure analysis when troubleshooting electric motors
  4. Identify and overcome the data analysis vs. data collection imbalance



Noah has over twenty-five years of broad operations and electrical systems maintenance experience in industrial, commercial, and military settings ranging from nuclear submarines to world class amusement parks. His experience includes high and low voltage, AC and DC, power generation, power distribution, motors, and motor controllers. Noah is currently in charge of product development for new and existing PdM technology at PdMA Corporation.

Noah is a graduate of the University of the State of New York and the Naval Nuclear Power School and Training Unit. He is a Certified Maintenance Reliability Professional, with field experience in motor circuit analysis, current signature, power analysis, thermography, vibration analysis, oil analysis and ultrasonic testing.