Extend Asset Life with Oil Mist for Storage Preservation

Keith Macaluso, CRL, International Business Development, T.F. Hudgins Lubrication Products


Due to long lead times and critical operations, many plants in petrochemical and refining purchase equipment long before it is needed. This equipment can start arriving at the plant site up to a year or more before installed and is typically staged in a remote field where it is exposed to damaging elements. Preservation of this equipment is critical for avoiding premature failure on start-up and reducing mean time between failures (MTBF).
Join Keith Macaluso with TF Hudgins Lubrication Products for a discussion on how oil mist technology can significantly reduce premature failure on new equipment installations. Keith will cover the following:
  • What is oil mist?
  • Why and where is oil mist used?
  • Applications and storage preservation
  • Success stories


Keith has over 40 years’ experience in the oil, gas and other heavy industries. He’s an international business development manager, with experience in oil analysis equipment, oil purification systems, oil mist lubrication and ultrasound technologies. At T.F. Hudgins Lubrication Products at Allied Reliability, Keith works with clients globally to implement oil mist technology and compressor lubrication systems. He works with high-pressure compressor lubrication, lube oil consoles, and other technologies to help client’s factories run smoothly. These solutions provide healthy factories for our clients. We improve product quality by preventing failures and controlling energy costs while increasing factory assets uptime.