Welcome and Keynote: How to Establish a Positive Reliability Culture

Steve Potts, Minara Resources


Join us to hear Steve speak about the successful development of a positive reliability culture in the Murrin Murrin hydrometallurgical plant through a holistic approach to reliability that is getting great results. You will hear from the various disciplines around site which help keep the process plant in stable operation. Steve will be covering a myriad of aspects from management, engineering, reliability, logistics, planning ,frontline maintenance technicians through to contractor management and technology. You will hear about techniques used at Murrin Murrin to align departments and leverage their expertise which in turn contributes to the site’s capability to predict, monitor and control issues with critical equipment where unexpected failure would significantly upset production. Steve’s talk will stimulate discussion and collaboration amongst your peers about how to improve reliability at your plant.


Steve Potts is an experienced maintenance coordinator who works at Glenore’s Murrin Murrin, a complex nickel and cobalt mining and hydrometallurgical processing operation in the northern Goldfields region of Western Australian.  He specializes in developing, leading and motivating teams of maintenance technicians. He has a passionate professional interest in condition monitoring, reliability and predictive maintenance.  When Steve is not working he lives with his wife Pauline in the Fremantle Sailing Club on their beautifully restored cruising yacht Daisy. Together they sail, dive and explore the Indian ocean around Perth. They dream of the Pacific.