Digitalisation of Vibration based Condition Monitoring

John Waldron, Application Engineer, PRUFTECHNIK


Condition monitoring with non-destructive vibration analysis is experiencing an accelerated development due to several factors that work as a catalyst. Industrial and marine installations are increasingly interconnected by industry standard TCP/IP based networks. Transmission of wireless data is becoming cheaper and much faster. Digital storage of large data volumes is not a costly hurdle any longer and engineers and technicians are used to work with intuitive and mobile tablets and smartphones that virtually connect them via apps to their plants, their homes and even their own health parameters. New techniques such as data mining and analytics have emerged. They enable us to quickly plough through enormous amounts of data and extract patterns and relations that were thus far hidden from sight.

In this whitepaper, we are exploring how these new technologies will empower technicians and engineers to efficiently and accurately predict and analyze wear and damages in rotating equipment and how these new technologies are boosting the effectiveness of the vibration analyst. The result is an accrued efficiency of industrial production units, marine vessels and offshore units, rendering them safer, less polluting and more profitable.


Studied Mechanical Engineering and German Language at Temple University. Has worked with Pruftechnik for 6.5 years doing alignment and vibration services, technical support, and sales throughout a variety of industrial environments. Currently a category 3 vibration analyst through Mobius Institute. Looking to achieve category 4 in 2019.