Challenges of Condition Monitoring in Mining Industry

Vlad Mustafin, Managing Director


Mining and beneficiation process can bring lots of disturbances into captured vibration readings. There are shocks from grinding process, extremely weak signals of interest from slow moving conveyors or agitators, to say the least of constant changes in speed and load (e.g. at the winders) that needs to be considered within data analysis stage. Within this presentation we’ll discuss the techniques of how to deal with those challenges in a way of providing your maintenance team with the longest possible pre-warning time.


Learning Takeaways:

  • Low rpm assets: yes, we all can monitor them effectively

  • Dynamic alerts and rpm compensation for variable load/speed applications

  • Special techniques for early fault detection


Vlad has his Ph.D. in applied mathematics, is a Category IV Vibration Analyst, reliability practitioner, and Mobius Institute Certified Trainer. He started his career in 2003 as DCS commissioning engineer at Honeywell Company and then proceeded with Siemens as Project’s Delivery Team Leader. Vlad has over 20 years of experience dealing with Pulp & Paper, Cement, Mining and Steel industries. In the last 10 years, Vlad has been involved into implementation of 130+ online condition monitoring systems looking after the most challenging applications like overhead cranes, HPGRs, ladle turrets, steel convertors and other ultra-low rpm assets.