Case Study: Utilizing Visual Vibration Technology for Root Cause Analysis and Rectification

Stuart Walker, Director, Reliability Maintenance Solutions Ltd


Stuart Walker looks at how utilising the latest visual vibration technology can assist in getting to the root cause of many industrial vibration problems. Stuart goes through a number of case studies on rotating plant, pipework and structures whereby visualising the vibration was a key part in understanding the problems right through to rectification and follow up.


Stuart has worked in the Condition Monitoring and Reliability sector for the last 23 years. He started his career working for Dupont as a Mechanical and Production Technician after completing a four-year apprenticeship. It was here he was introduced to Condition Based Maintenance and setup a successful program at one of DuPont’s UK sites. He utilized technologies such as Vibration analysis, Oil Analysis and IR Thermography moving the site from a time-based maintenance strategy to a predictive and proactive one. Stuart then worked for a Reliability Consultant company implementing and running a number of other successful CBM programs across the UK. In 1999 he setup Reliability Maintenance Solutions Ltd with his colleague Dean Whittle. Together they have successfully grown the company. RMS provides reliability consultancy, training, service, and products to a number of organisations across the UK, Europe and Middle East. Stuart has worked in many industry sectors including Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Power and Paper. He is currently working on projects introducing and implementing Motion Amplification Technology across a wide range of industries.