Case Study: Utilising advanced automated systems for the effective monitoring of draglines

Andy Stockings, Field Service Engineer, Schaeffler Australia Pty Ltd.


Hear about how we have successfully developed a proven online surveillance system for monitoring the condition of the hoist, drag, swing & propel machinery installed on dragline.
This application was particularly challenging due to the variable speed nature of the machinery being monitored.
The case study concentrates on how order analysis is utilised in the effective detection of defects in the monitored assets, and in this particular case was used to detect damaged gear teeth within the hoist gearbox of a dragline.
1) Practical use of order analysis & time waveform analysis to identify defects.
2) Implementation of a turn key solution on complex machinery.
3) Remote diagnostics using the cloud.


Salford University graduate with 2:1 in Mechanical Engineering. 20 years experience as engineer in development department at aerospace company manufacturing aircraft propeller systems. Emigrated to Australia in 2008, joining Schaeffler in 2009 as vibration analyst in Schaeffler’s online condition monitoring centre. Condition monitoring career started with analysing data from wind turbines after obtaining ISO CAT I & CAT II certification in 2010. Further experience gained when I took up Field Service Engineer role in 2015, performing offline route data collection and analysis with various customers in SA. Role in online centre expanded when I was involved with specifying, installing and commissioning new online systems.