Case Study: Ultrasound Condition-Based Lubrication & Ultrasound Condition Monitoring – One Task

Haris Trobradovic, Area Sales & Training Manager


Ultrasound-guided condition-based lubrication plays a pivotal role in improving reliability by addressing the root causes of a significant portion of bearing failures. While it has been a part of our maintenance toolkit for some time, recent technological advancements and a strong push for a cultural shift have made it a necessity. Yet, the process of implementation remains a formidable challenge, with the ultimate goal being sustainable improvements achieved through a well-defined and consistent ‘one best way.’

Ultrasound technology, when applied to condition monitoring, significantly enhances detectability, offers a range of applications, and requires a steep learning curve across the workforce. However, reaping the full spectrum of benefits and ensuring sustainability hinges on the right kind of implementation.

In reality, these two seemingly distinct tasks converge into a single mission. The lubrication team and the condition monitoring team work together, focusing on the same assets, adopting an evidence-based mindset, and employing the same technology. This collaborative approach allows both teams to play dual roles, dramatically boosting efficiency and optimizing their tasks.

Let’s explore how this synergistic approach unfolds in practice by examining a case study of the simultaneous implementation of ultrasound-guided condition-based lubrication and ultrasound condition monitoring, from initial training to reaping the benefits of full interaction.

Learning Takeaways:

  • How & Why to properly implement Ultrasound Condition-Based Lubrication
  • How to improve your Condition Monitoring with Ultrasound
  • How to connect them into one task and optimize


Born and raised in Zagreb, Croatia, Haris spent 20 years in wood processing and manufacturing before joining the Ultrasound, Condition Monitoring, and Reliability journey as a member of the SDT International team.
Focused on the improvement of Reliability performance through all its aspects, still particularly focused on Ultrasound technology, Condition Monitoring, and, as a strong passion, Condition-Based Lubrication. Deeply involved in Reliability Culture improvement and proactive mindset through Lubrication excellence.
Writing, publishing, and presenting, but most of all learning.