(20 min.) Case Study: Solving Unusual Rotor Dynamic Behavior of Critical Reciprocating Compressor

Ronny Rusli, Rotating Equipment Engineer, Saudi Aramco


A 5278 HP reciprocating compressor was operated for the first time after a major overhaul. During the start-up, the compressor was tripped due high vibration on gearbox high speed pinion shaft at 1000-1500 RPM. Despite several attempts after adjusting start-up procedures, instrumentations checks, as well as activating the “Trip Multiplier” through online Vibration Monitoring System (VMS) to increase vibration trip level, the vibration amplitude of the gearbox high speed pinion shaft still beyond the trip limit. In this presentation the solution of problem will be discussed. Rotor dynamic behaviors of compressor acquired from orthogonally mounted vibration proximity probes will be elaborated.

1. Troubleshooting guide for vibration analyst during high vibration on reciprocating compressor
2. To know typical rotor dynamic behavior of reciprocating compressor
3. To propose several tips for vibration analyst to find solution


Ronny H Rusli currently working as Predictive Maintenance Group Leader to lead Condition Monitoring Program at Aramco Riyadh facility, to ensure all rotating equipment availability by applying various condition monitoring techniques (vibration, oil analysis, etc.). In the past, he worked as Field Service Engineer for SKF, managing Field Condition Monitoring Services at many plants. Involved in many Rotor Dynamic analysis cases and in-situ balancing for turbo machinery when working as Machinery Diagnostics Engineer (MDS) for Bently Nevada representative. He has more than 15 years in Vibration Analysis.